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Waste Management

The collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage, sewage, and other waste products. Waste management encompasses management of all processes and resources for proper handling of waste materials, from maintenance of waste transport trucks and dumping facilities to compliance with health codes and environmental regulations.

Garbage Bin

Sinha Enterprises Over Years of Exprience have designed user centric garbage bins with high quality and custom designed as per the specific requirement of various government and various Organizations.

Sinha Enterprises bins are meant for use at centrllay located pick-up points.Options provided with Wheels and handles to manage movability,unoading and cleaning easily and efficiently.Sinha Enterprices bins are suitable for any types of outdoor environment.With availability in different capacities and id colour for well managed garbage segregation.

E-Rikshaw Garbage

It is a Unique innovation to facilitate door to door collection garbage and its proper disposal. This Equipment can dump the garbage on the ground, as wel as directy into the container and also in the refuse compactor.

Advantage of E-Rikshaw Garbage
  • Easy to operate & transport
  • Easy loading
  • Minimal expansion of compacted material
  • Low noise operation


“Mini Road Sweeper” offered comes designed and developed using latest technology support and perfectly match up to the requirements of mechanical sweeping of roads, parking lots and other areas.

Further, the use of durable sweeping brushes coming mounted on either sides of sweepers as well as powerful suction support also make these provide for quality cleaning performance. Some of its features include centralized operating devices; constant space maintained between suction nozzle and ground; stainless steel metal based water tank and dustbin for durable usage; firm and durable double stainless steel structure finish i coated finish for superior corrosion resistance.

  • Model Mini Sweep
  • Sweeping Systemdry / Wet available
  • Sweeping Capacity 12000 Sq.Mt.(Including side brushes )
  • Sweeping Speed 1 -6 km/ hr
  • Working width2000 mm
  • Hopper Capacity 1.25 cu. m3
  • Engine power Kirloskar of 49.5 B.H.P. @ 2300R.P.M.
  • No. of Brushes2 Side Brushes, 1 Horizontal

Dumper Placer

Dumper place System is developed in LCV, MCV and HCV truck chassis and depending upon the container capacity, it is meant for all small or big Municipalities.

  • The Garbage / Refuse is directly collected in to the containers which are place at collection point in the busiest and most thickly populated areas of the city.
  • The system with loaded container is transported to the dumping site and the same is tipped hydraulically to discharge its load.
  • The available suitable container capacity is of 7.0 cu. mtrs 5.0 cu.mtrs., 4.0 cu.mtrs., 2.5 cu. mtrs., and 1.5.cu.mtrs.


It is a Unique, highly productive, easy operation and low mantenance, hygienic system healp in keeping a city clean. it is an effective and flexible method of handing debris/ garbage/ refuse and discarded building materials.

Tipper / Garbage Tipper

Hook Loader are being used extensivey for transportation of soild waste in a nuber of municipalities and palika. These Machines are robust and versatile and are used in situations where faster speed of transferring waste to dumping sites is required.

Container Size 1.8 cum to 1.5 cum
Container Construction Mild stee & Stainless-Steel
Hydraulic System Powered by truck PTO closed coupled with a suitabe hydraulic pump.
Hydraulic Cylinders Assembed using imported high quality Hard Chromed Rods and Honed Tubes.
Structure Multiple handling is not required.
Design Continuous 'relay System' achieving large volume of garbage transfer.


Model JHB601 JHB801 JH100L JHB120L
Capacity 60 litres 80 litres 100 litres 120 litres
stand Single/Twin      
Material Mild Steel,Stainess Steel,plastic
  • Three compartment waste segregation system.
  • Stainless steel trolley on castors.
  • Foot operating system for touchless opening of lid.
  • Bins can be interchanged as and when required.
  • The bins comply UN and NFX standards of safety.
  • Autoclave-able and environment friendly, reusable plastic bins as per BMW colour coding.
  • Available Bin Sizes 30 Ltrs

Available in colour coding options of Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green.