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Fogging Machine

The Vulcan are our light portable fog generators, Every machine is supplied with Comprehensive standard accessories and there is a variety of optional accessories availabe. the power of the combustion chamber of more than 23 HP makes it possible to apply oil based as well as water\ based chemicals in anequivalent droplet spectrum.

Vehicle Mounted Fogging Machine

Solution Tank 100 Ltr
Fuel Tank 16 Ltr
Power 37.5 Kw
Fuel Consumption 3.3 Ltr/Hrs
Max Flow Rate 85 Ltr/Hrs
Starting Mode Fully Automatic
Weight 80 Kg
Power Supply 12V DC Rechargeble
Solution Tank 60 Ltr
Fuel Tank 5 Ltr
Power 37.5 Kw
Fuel Consumption 4 Ltr/Hrs
Max Flow Rate 85 Ltr/Hrs
Starting Mode Manual
Weight 80 Kg
Work Up & Down Fogg

Handheld Fogging machine

Handheld Fogging Machine operates noiselessly to control mosquitoe's menace in small areas. Convenience of these Machine allows user to operate this machine personally without any technical help. Handhelp Fooging Machine are more effective for poultry, Bungalows, outdoor party lawns, Farm Houses,schools and colleges, e.t.c.

Technical Discription
Solution Tank 2 Ltr (SS0)
Fuel Tank Gas Tank
Fuel Consumption 5.12 g/hrs
Weight 1.5-1.8 Kg

Portable Fogging Machine

Portable Fogging Machine is the pulse Jet Thermal Foggers are manufactured and tested in accordance with international quality standards and complying with WHO Requirements.

Technical Discription
Solution Tank 5 Ltr (SS0)
Fuel Tank 1.5 Ltr
Fuel Consumption 1.5-2 Ltr/Hrs
Energy 4 X 1.5V Battery
Weight 7.9 Kg