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Sewer Cleaning

Gully Pit emptier is an advanced technology for emptying cesspit, cesspool and manhole chambers as well as for cleaning underground sewer lines etc.

Blow Back Suction Machine

We offer a full line of hydro jetters to cover your drain cleaning needs. Make quick work of obstructions such as ice, grease and tough roots with our range of jetting equipment. Our cart jetters offer the power you expect from a jetter in a smaller package for easy portability and use in tight spaces. The urban line of skid-mount jetters fit compactly in your work truck while allowing room for other equipment. Our trailer jetters offer the power you need and the durability you expect from Spartan equipment, so you can tackle whatever obstruction gets in your way.

Our jetting machine for sewer also provides for speed related variability (in multiple different settings) so that you can effectively control, and optimize your process and job flow while reducing wastage. The leading of all sewer jetting machine manufacturers in India bring to you the best and multi-featured jetting machine sewer cleaning for all process scenarios.

Nala Cleaning Machine

We are manufacturing Highly Productive Nala Cleaning Machine that are used to providing the Cleaning Facility of Nala & other waste yard. They are being manufactured with High Quality Materials, Reliability, Superior Hydraulic system & utilization for its end use.

Technical Data & Advantages

  • Chassis: Tractor & Trailer mounted or Customized.
  • Body Size : Rectangle with 3 Cum, 4 Cum, 5 Cum Etc.
  • Sheet Material : Mild Steel Sheets Etc.
  • Thickness : 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm or can be Customized as per requirement.
  • Hyd. Cylinder : 2 Nos. for Booms, 1 Nos. For Bucket , 2 Nos. For Stabilizers or can be Customized.
  • Axle & Wheels: Heavy Duty Rigid Axle with 2 Nos. of Wheel
  • Hydraulic Pipes: High Pressure Hoses or Pipelines
  • PTO Gear Box:Provides Suitable Power to drive system
  • Arrangement: Fully Hydraulic system provides the optimum cleaning of Nala and Dump yard by help of Hydraulic system operated by Control Valves to minimize the Human efforts & wastes.
  • Highly Suitable for Municipalities for Solid & Liquid waste handling.