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Waste Management

The collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage, sewage, and other waste products. Waste management encompasses management of all processes and resources for proper handling of waste materials, from maintenance of waste transport trucks and dumping facilities to compliance with health codes and environmental regulations.


Lighting as a concept in area lighting is being preferred over conventional lighting, especially where large artea are to ba illuminated without the need for numerous lighting columns, that under certain circumstances, can be a hazard to movement. This is possible because lighting system achieves very large space to height ratio.

Fogging Management

The Vulcan are our light portable fog generators, Every machine is supplied with Comprehensive standard accessories and there is a variety of optional accessories availabe. the power of the combustion chamber of more than 23 HP makes it possible to apply oil based as well as water\ based chemicals in anequivalent droplet spectrum.

Sewer Cleaning

Gully Pit emptier is an advanced technology for emptying cesspit, cesspool and manhole chambers as well as for cleaning underground sewer lines etc.

Civic Utility

Civic Utility is a lifting system developed on heavy duty two wheeled Tailer chassis which can be towed or operated by a 35/65 HP tractor depending upon the container capacity.

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Welcome to Sinha Enterprises - one of the leading suppliers of products. We specialise in the Waste Management and Fogging machine, Sewer Cleaning,Civic Utility,lighting, etc. process and mining industries and have been doing so for many years. We supply Genex Container Pvt td, Aman Cleaning Equipments Pvt Ltd (SPEED), Jyoti Industries, Neptune, Pragati Engineering, Maa Shakti Engineering Works and many more products from some of the India's leading suppliers.

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